Saturday, May 3, 2008

The floorplan

We made a few changes to the basic plan, extending the back wall out in a line to give more space downstairs, adding a bath to the ensuite, and enclosing the rumpus as a 5th bedroom. We also added an understairs cupboard (you can't have enough storage). We are having wall dividers inbetween the showers and baths so that the bath doesn't butt up against the glass shower screen.

We don't have gas on site so we are having a gas top with bottles out back, and solar power to heat the water.

In order to allow for the higher quality finish at Wisdom. We had to make savings on the bathrooms which are not fully tiled, and the doors which will be standard flush panel, but on the other hand we get alot of inclusions we weren't expecting.

At the moment we just have one issue to sort out, that the upper floor at the back in in concrete panelling not brick because there is no brick supporting wall underneath - presumably because we extended the ground floor out from under it.

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