Thursday, August 28, 2008

Site Cleared - Peg Out Ordered

We've had the two trees removed that we were permitted to under the DA, and we've had the site cleared of all the overgrown weeds and scrub.

Wisdom are ordering the peg out, so things are slowly moving along.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DA Consent Approved

Its been a long time but we've finally got our Council Approval with a few of the reasons we had a delay. We need an additional soil survey done in addition to the basic one you have to identify the type of slab needed. At first they said this was to do with fly tipping on the site, but apparently its nothing to do with that its a report to indicate how the foundations are being supported. Apparently this is becoming more common in all Sydney Council areas. I don't mind but they made us wait until we were about to get approval then asked for the test. With the shortage of geo technical companies who can do these tests we're forced with further delays.

I've contacted an arborist to get rid of the two huge gums we're moving again

Last night I started thinking about the surrounding walls. Because we're on the rear plot with a creek on the side, and because of the area we are going to be prone to grafitti artists on the walls. (The front plot hasn't been sold) I was thinking of brick 'posts' and then shrub between ..and then shrub outside our boundary fence....maybe worth a post on the homeone forum.