Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tile Selection

Went to Di Lorenzo last Monday to select tiles. There's a good range, but we were tempted to upgrade to a bigger tile (40cm +) which incurs additional laying fees. A close laid tile incures further charges. With a tile allowance of $25 per m sq, and the tile I wanted was mid range at $42, the laying costs were $18 per sq m for a larger tile, and another $30 per sq m to lay close together. Now of course that's the look that's in all the mags, but is it worth double the price?? My 'in range' tile (most are a small upgrade)was $35 per sq m and no laying fee. All borders were upgrades, or at least all borders that you'd ever want. I'm waiting on a quote to tile to shower height all-round in 2 bathrooms. Std inclusion was only shower, 40cm above bath and then skirting everywhere else.

The style

The bath is going to be tiled up the side with the floor tile and then have the mosaic round the edge and a silver metalic trim. The white rectangular wall tiles are going to be horizontal not vertical for added effect. There's going to be vertical strips in the showers of 4 mosaic wide strips.

The more expensive tile choice.

Laminex Fresh Snow (New)
The cleanest in the range of about 10 squareform colours offered for the bathrooms.

Carpet - darkest in the included range. For other Wisdom builders following - handily you can see this in Di Lorenzo to compare your tile choices against in.


Amanda said...

Guys - tiling all bathrooms up to shower height I think we were quoted at $3k.

We opted for floor to ceiling tiling in the shower area only - about $350. Just another option :)

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