Sunday, November 2, 2008

1 November - Piering & Timber

Things are moving along quite quickly. We went on our usual walk to the plot today to see what had happened. (We'd seen the guys on site yesterday putting timber down).

When its all laid out you realise how close we'll be to the neighbours nice concrete wall. Screening looks a must!

We went to Di Lorenzo tiles early in the week. Even the builders choice is overwhelming. We needed better prepartion with the colours and ideas, so when we go for our real appointment I'm going to assemble a colour board of everything because it was quite confusing.


danma said...

That's fantastic, your site looks great, bring on the slab. We went out to the tile company a few weeks ago and could not believe the selection of tiles that they have.
Good luck with your colour appointment.

Chrissie and Graham said...

Yeah.. bring on the slab!