Friday, April 10, 2009

Few Photos

Here's a few photos from the walk through.
For some reason the main floor tiles come out looking a bit pinkish in the photos, but they don't look like that in the flesh/ceramic.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Walk through complete

So we had the walk through this morning. Everything looked good. Went round and looked at everything in detail and put purple sticky tape where the paintwork needed touching up, and made notes of a couple of downlights not working - presumably just need new bulbs.

The driveway is still not finished because of the rain we've had this week, but that's scheduled for early next week wether permitting. So we'll obviously have to check that before making final payment. Also found out the appliances go in after handover which is fine with us - less chance of them being nicked if the place is occupied.

I tried to take a few photos, but the batteries in my SLR packed in after two shots. :(

Looking forward to getting the keys and moving in.