Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wisdom Homes - changing builder


Last week we paid our deposit to Wisdom homes to tender for our build. We decided we wanted a more contemporary facade and Wisdom also included really good packages that we were coming to realise all add up if you don't get the inclusions you want in your basic package.

In the kitchen package we're getting polyurethane kitchen ,20mm caesarstone,dishwasher, for 2k. The sink is a Caroma Liano and pin mixer which we were going to upgrade to in anycase.

The houses are on a par cost wise too - not base price though but if we break down the real cost of inclusions, with the added attraction that Wisdom offer carpeting and tiling allowances, and stencilled driveway.

This is one of their facades, and probably the one we'll go for. They have even more trendy ones but we're still on a bit of a budget.

What's interesting is that one of the questions I posted on the forum about what people look for in a house - is that kerb appeal - how good it looks from the outside is THE most important factor, with the inside fittings being just a confirmation of what the buyer already thinks. So this will mean we need to pay attention to landscaping when its finished.


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