Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brickwork Complete

The brickies finished their work on Thursday, and I went to meet our site supervisor on site on Friday morning. He seemed genuinely interested in our build and was keen to offer help where he could, for example with the home theatre setup where he will remove the noggins and put some additional thick board in for us to screw the plasma on to. Everyone we've met at Wisdom has had a fantastic attitude.

He said he hoped to have the facia, guttering etc in place Mon/Tue and then the roof tiles on after that, so we might have a roof by the end of this week if the weather is good.

A photo of the front of the house (waiting for the cladding to go above the garage still)...

And the back of the house...

For those building an Impression 33, you'll see we've extended the back of the house so it makes a straigh line with the kitchen to give us a bit more space in the living area.

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