Thursday, October 7, 2010


We've decided its time to tidy up the garden.

When we moved in we made the mistake of hurriedly turfing to get the occupation certificate. In fact I'm pretty sure council wouldn
't have cared if we lived in a pile of rubble for a few years. As a consequence the land and lawn were uneven because we didn't have the time to tools to roller it flat before our overseas trip.

So 2 years later it was time to get paving.

(Before with some great looking weeds courtesy of the vacant plot next door )


Still got a bit of work to do but looking like a more usable entertaining space..!

Work done by Chad Williams, Cronulla, 040920487.

Pavers and retaining blocks are courtesy of Amber tiles. If anyone wants 30 we have some left over!


Nina said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you could tell me which part of the house you used Athena on and which part Manhattan - I can't tell the difference! We are hoping to use Athena, so wanted to get an idea. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Elson Cade said...
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Elson Cade said...

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